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Tomorrow will be my first day travelling! I’m very excited to go on many adventures and get out of my normal routine life from day to day. I can already tell that my summer is going to be extremely busy but I cannot wait for the great experience in the long run. On my dream trip around the world I will be visiting 3 regions; in each of those regions I will be visiting 3 countries within them. All together I will be travelling to nine different countries. I will encounter many different cultures and hear new languages and it will be the chance of a lifetime. On my journey I will begin in Mississauga, Ontario Canada departing from the Toronto Pearson airport to go to South America. Going south I will begin with flying to Bogotá, Colombia. From Colombia I will take a plane to Buenos Aires, Argentina where it is known as the city of “Paris.” Next I will fly to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to go see the monument of Christ the Redeemer and lots of colourful birds. I will then migrate to Europe starting with the beauty of Monte Carlo, Monaco. From there I will go to Zurich, Switzerland after that I will take the train to Munich, Germany. Then fly to Prague, Czech Republic and stop in Krakow, Poland. My last destination visited before returning home to Mississauga was Vienna, Austria and it was a great ending to dream come true.

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